Blue Wave Surf

The Full Story

Blue Wave was founded in 2010 by Stan Searfus with one goal in mind: 

Sharing his love of surfing with as many people as he could.


Stan was considered a legend in the local surf community. He'd surfed waves all over the world and always had a great story to tell. As head coach for both the local middle and high school surf teams, he inspired the next generation to love the ocean and surfing. 


No matter how old you were, how many times you had been in the ocean, how out of shape you were- Stan was always there, offering to push anyone into a few waves. 

Contracting the local high school surf students, Stan founded Blue Wave Surf Camp with the a strong sense of community.  He wanted to share his love of the ocean with as many people as possible- with the kids he had shared his passion with. 


Until the day of he passed in 2017, Stan was always encouraging others to get in the ocean and stay stoked. 


Since then, his wife- Jan Baker- has taken the reigns, and Blue Wave has remained committed to sharing our love of surfing with as many people as possible. With a strong sense of community, our surf camp and lessons are run entirely by local surfers who are dedicated to these same ideals. Located at Stan's Beach just south of the iconic Hotel Del, our location is a perfect place to learn due to it's soft, rolling waves. 


If you've ever been interested in learning how to surf or simply love the ocean, you've found the perfect place! We're all stoked and ready to show you why we're in love with surfing.  All the equipment you need is provided, so all you have to do is show up and let us share our passion with you. 

Surfing is for sharing

Blue Wave Surf was founded by local waterman & all-around Coronado legend Stan Searfus—and is still run by his wife, Jan, even today.

Stan's love for the water lives on at BWSC. We're here to share our love and knowledge of surfing with you—as well as Stan's eternal stoke. 

The Official Surf Camp of Coronado

No matter your age- the soft, rolling, and forgiving waves at Stan's Beach- located just south of the iconic Hotel Del- offers the perfect scene to learn how to surf.


Built with a strong sense of community, our surf camp is run entirely by local surfers who share a passion for surfing and the ocean.  

All the equipment you will need - including surfboards, wetsuits, and sunscreen- is provided.

Simply book a lesson by calling Jan, at 858-926-8161, emailing, or through our website- and let us share our passion with you!

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